w111 coupe : Problem with temperature gauge replacement

  • Hello to all,

    since my temperature gauge is working no more on my 220 seb coupe, I bought one from AMS. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit because the sensor in my car is slightly "slimmer" than the one provided (see difference).

    I do not find one exactly like mine, but I have seen for sale one similar, provided for the saloon version of w111: do you think this could fit? Or maybe I could have some other problems like, for example, the fitting of the instrument inside the car?

    Firs image is mine, second should be the one for coupe, third for heckflosse.

  • Hello Stebuga,

    even if the sensor looks a bit different, it should still fit, the way it looks in your pictures.

    But you cannot use a display from the saloon because it does not fit into the instrument cluster of the Coupè. However, the instrument of the W113 SL does fit there, they are identical in construction.



  • You are right Lutz, in fact I am waiting to receive other photos or video from mechanic to understand betterr: he told me that the conic section interferes in fitting...

  • Interesting. I never saw such a sensor like these two.

    I know only these, as I have them in my 300SE W112 saloon (1964) and 280SE 3.5 saloon (1972) and from a W113 (no data):

    The new one seems to be the most common replacement for w111 coupe cabrio and w113. Mine (old one) I have not seen anywhere in the net. The one you have, seems to could fit in my car: unfortunately the ones for sale like yours are for saloon, and Lutz told me that the instrument could not enter the instrument cluster in the car :(.

  • Hello again: at last I have been to the end of the problem. It seems there are two pods type where temperature gauge take place: one with three holes and one with four holes. Depending on this, there are two kind of gauges: since my old one was too hard to find, a machine shop made an adapter and now all is working good! :)