Mercedes Benz Treffen in Indonesien

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    • Mercedes Benz Treffen in Indonesien

      Diese Email erreichte mich heute:

      Dear sir

      first,let me introduce myself, I'm Ronaldi as a member of Mercedes Benz club of Indonesia
      we would like to invite you and your club as our special guest to "The biggest Mercedes-Benz Gathering in Indonesia" at 7-8 March 2015
      in Bandung West java Indonesia

      it will be attended by 70 clubs in Indonesia from all variant of Mercedes-benz its an honor to us if you or your club can attended the gathering as a special guest.
      If you cant attended...would you like to send me your photos about your club...your club event and your member's cars It will be displayed in a special booth for your club only
      (you send me the photos and we will print it and displayed in special booth)

      So mercedes benz enthusiast in Indonesia knowing about your club.
      FYI our president of Mercedes benz club Indonesia is attending the mitting of MB world in new zealand now

      please reply me
      im waiting



      Mercedes Benz Club of Indonesia
      MBW210 Bandung Chapter
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